Diy blackhead removal mask

Hi, I think you all know the charcoal mask, it removes your black and whiteheads. if you don’t know the name, look at the picture under this sentence.


you can make this mask with activated charcoal and white glue. The mask is black, so if you pull the mask off, you can see all your whiteheads and probaly also some blackheads. these products for this mask are for sale in different store’s. but, what if you don’t need to buy anything for a same working mask? that would be great, right?! Well, I guess you’re lucky because I found one!

This is what you need:

  1. one egg
  2. a tissue
  3. warm wather
  4. maybe a make-up brush to apply the mask

you only need the eggnaamlooseetgg white, so split the egg.

First, open up your pores with warm wather. You can bring this mask on your whole face or just on a few area’s on your face. Next, put the egg on the place where you want the mask, then take your tissue and wrape it open into small pieces. Place it on the egg. You can add more layers egg and tissue on it. wait untill the mask is dry, it takes 20-30 minutes to completely dry. Then take the mask slow off and take the mask from the bottom to the top off.imagesoivrgdib

And you’re done! your face is clean. I hope you liked it.

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