How to deal with getting dumped

Hi guys! a few days ago, I’ve been dumped. To be honest, I was not very freaked out. I saw it coming. But it’s still not the best feeling in the world. How to deal with it? I’ll tell you.

»Firstly,accept it. Most people find this really hard, but it’s the best thing to do. If you don’t accept it, you’ll never get over him.
»Secondly, buy a lot of Ice cream and chocolate. It’s cliché, but it really helps.
»Then, find an ugly picture of him (If you don’t have one, your relationship already sucked) and look at it when you think of him. This helps me a lot.
»Next, make up your mind. I mean, you’re free. You can do whatever you want to do!
»And ofcourse, find distractions. For example, to start a new hobby or sport
»Finally, work on your self-confidence. This is the most important one. Do everything to make you feel good about yourself.

What not to do?

»Having self-pity. It doesn’t make it better or something.
»Keep hoping that it will be okay one day. It won’t. It’s always possible, but it doesn’t happen a lot.
»Whining to your friends. It’s your problem, not theirs.
»Rush into a new relationship. Don’t start a relationship to just have someone.

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