My experiences with a diary

Hi! Today I’m going to tell you guys what my experiences were with a diary. I started a few months ago with my journal. On my first page of my journal, I wrote about myself. My name, my age, my hobby’s and more. After that I was trying to write every day a couple things which were special of that day. Ofcourse I was writing for like seven days very enthusiastic, but after a while I forgot to write daily in my diary and I wasn’t in the mood for writing anymore. Well, I thought I had a solution: I am writing in my diary if  I want it, maybe it is nine days in a row or maybe I write only one day in a whole week! When I tried that, it wasn’t really a great idea for me. So I stopped for a month. After that I wanted to start all over again, with pictures, stickers and drawings. It worked very good! Now I write every day a little story of my whole day in a few sentences. A diary really helps me with getting calm after a stressful day or a busy day. I fall asleep earlier, because my head is clear and I don’t have stress anymore. Sometimes I just need to express all my frustrations, writing it all in my diary helps very much! It’s like you’re talking to someone who Always  listens.

So, my conclusion is that it really helps someone with keeping his head clear.

Maybe this is also something for you to do?

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