My opinion about make-up

Hi guys! Everybody wears it, make-up. But how much? And what kind of? In this post, I’ll tell you my opinion about make-up.

First of all, you should know that I don’t wear make-up. It is a waste of my time and I just never think of it.

I think that you may wear make-up, but not too much. I mean, why so much? If you have a whole layer over your face, it’s not you, right? When it goes off, people could be disappointed or something like that.

It may be your hobby, but take it easy. If you go to a party, you can make it as badly as you want. But just don’t do it on a normal day. Some lipgloss and mascara is enough.

I’m not even gonna talk about the prices. People just spend way to much money on make-up, but that aside.

Well, this was my opinion about make-up. I hope you liked it!


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