The new spring colors of 2017

Hi, today I’m going to tell you about the new spring colors. Every year we have new colors for a new season, now it’s time for the spring colors! I think that the colors of this season are so cute! I really like them.


first, we’ve wine red. I really like this one, because it’s a warm color. when I think about spring, this isn’t what I expected. Maybe it’s a weird reason but I think it’s so cool to wear this color when the flowers are going to grow outside. Think about a wine red skirt with a white blouse on it. I would defenitely wear that!


I loveee this color so much! olive green, I can’t really describe it, but I love this one. I think this is my favourite of all. you can wear this color as a shirt, trouser, skirt, dress (how elegant!) and more. I would wear this color as a shirt with a v-neck and boyfriend jeans, maybe with a leather jacket, ponytail and black Vans!


A natural color is Always good!


Pink is a color that I already saw in the winter, It’s so cool to have pink in the spring, I mean it’s pink!!!!



Now, I am going to tell you about what I think that is going to be a great spring color! These are just my thoughts so don’t worry if you don’t like them.


Denim! I think denim just belongs here! I would defenitely wear a denim jacket or skirt or jeans or more and more and more… in the spring!


Floral print is also a thing that’s essantial in the spring. It is so happy and cute! You can wear it also a little more tough! Maybe a floral skirt with a black leather jacket.


The only thing that I can say about this one is just that I have Always loved this color!


I hope you liked this! XXX




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