Top 10 of my favourite food

Food, food and fooood!thUK6005YI

I love food, (maybe a little bit too much) so that’s why I’m going to make my top 10 list of food. Yesterday, when I was eating a lot of food, I thought about how delicious it was. After daydreaming about food, I was wondering what my favourite food was. Ofcourse I like a lot of food, but if I have to make a list of ALL my favourite food, I have to make a top 100 list (probably more). This is just a list of 10 different snacks that I love to eat!

  1. Pizza, this one is just soooo good! I mean it’s pizza.
  2. Oreo, yeah, defenitely my favourite cookie.
  3. Chocolate!!!
  4. Brownie, with melting chocolate in it.Mmmmmmm….


5. Sweet and soft licorice, I littery can eat a whole pack in one minut.

6. Sour candy is also very good, ohw and Sugar on it!

7. Donuts, I loveeee donuts.



8. Apple pie, sooo sweet and lovely and mmm it’s delicious.

9. Skittles. I just want to marry them (okay, that sounds weird)


10. Chipssssss.



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