Living without snacks

Hi guys! The last few weeks I lived without snacks. Not without sugar or something, without snacks. So I couldn’t eat candy without sugar either. How it went? I’ll tell you!

Well, there was a lot of food that I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t eat candy, chocolate, mueslibars, lemonade, cookies, cake, etc.

I thought there was really much food that I couldn’t eat. But I found out there was so much food that I coúld eat. I discovered a few new things that I really really really liked:

  • Peanuts with honey. This is sooo amazing. I never knew something like this would taste good, but it really does.
  • Raisins with apple and cinnamon. This is like the filling of an apple pie. Delicious!
  • Orange. This may sound really normal, but I have really lived on oranges. I love them.

 I did lose weight. Not really much, but I did. After I stopped with the no-sugarchallenge, I got sick. I don’t know if this really had to deal with it, but it’s possible. When I was doing this challenge I absolutely had more energy as normal.

Well, I think I’m gonna do this again somewhere in the future. I eat way too unhealthy and I’ve really learned from this few weeks. In the beginning it was though, but at the end it was just normal.
I hope you liked this post and I’ll see you again the next time!

2 thoughts on “Living without snacks

  1. Did you lose some weight? Do you have more energy because of the healthy lifestyle? I’m very curious 😄


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