Traveling to Australia

Hi! This is more a travelpost for you guys. Also a little bit for me because I’m going to Australia soon! I am really really excited, but Australia is so different compared to Europe (yeah, that’s where I live). For me it’s the first time that I’m going to Australia, so I hope that I can figure this all perfectly out 🙂

First, we all know that Australia is different with the weather. Here is a picture of the weather in Australia, watch the months of April and May very good, because I’m going to talk about these months.sydney_annual_weather

In Australia is it autumn and it is spring in Europe. But It’s still 22° in Australia.

It’s kind off warm, so take shirts, dresses (maybe with a panty), shorts and more with you. But watch out! it’s not that hot. You also have to take jeans and sweaters with you. A good jacket that protects you from wind is also great, like a stylish bomber or a cute yellow raincoat. A pair of good sneakers are important, because with only flip flops you can’t reach the end of the vacation without blisters. Take a cap or had with you, to protect you from the sun. Oh and suncream is ofcores VERY important! I already said: in Australia is it autumn, so you have a bigger chance that it’s going to rain. Also it’s going to be colder and colder near the end of the day, maybe it’s wise to dress warmer in the evening. A pair of jeans are suitable to wear.

You also need your typically travel stuff, like a passport. But I’m not really going into that stuff.

What I’m defenitely going to take with me are my Photo camera, my polaroid, my medicins, schoolstuff, Phone (duhhh), other important stuff, a good book for in the plane, my comfy outfits and moree!!

When I’m landed in Australia, I’m going to make beautiful pictures for you guys! Probably I’m going to make a second blogpost about Australia after the vacation.

My holiday is not very long, it’s for a few days, I think a week. We’re defenitely going to see a lot of cool things in Sydney, so I’m really excited (but I already told that).

I’m going to Sydney, because Sydney is the most populair place in Australia. I’d like to stay longer, but that wasn’t possible. The time that I have, is going to be important and I’m going to do a lot of things in the days that I have. I really want to go to the beach and the Opera House! Shopping is also a thing 😉 I love to go to parks or other special nature occasions. Koalas are my favourite animals and I really want to see them. These things are just a bit of what I want to do in Sydney! And I hope that I’m going to accomplish a few of my ideas.

This is my first travel blogpost, so I hope I did it well and that you enjoyed it! X

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