Instagram is so cool, but isn’t it sometimes a bit too cool? People are making pictures, only for instagram. They aren’t doing it for a huge photobook, maybe a few,  but I’m making also pictures of food and other stuff for my instagram story too. Instagram is so perfect, everything what you see is delicious food, cute girls and boys in beautiful dresses or smokings. For example ofcourse. But never somebody that looks sick and is still in her jogging clothes, I get it, because Who wants to see that? But it’s so tricky, everyone wants to be perfect on pictures now, and for teenage girls isn’t it the best thought to think about. Because they want to be perfect now, and they aren’t thinking of being theirselfs. They just want that same picture like that Instagram model.

But are you really enjoying it? or are you just thinking by every perfect picture: omg, I want that! Because maybe it sounds fun to you. Instagram is a whole fake world. Nobody wakes up with a beautiful smile and a face full of make-up. Are you?

Why do I have Instagram? well, I love to put inspiration out of it, and yes Inspiration for pictures, cooking, traveling, fahion and more. But sometimes I think by a fake photoshopped picture: Girl, why are you doing this to yourself? you are so not this girl on this picture! it’s just not you. So, my opinion is: Instagram is so much fun, as long as you stay yourself!

xxx, you will never know!

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