My Australia adventure

Hi, I promised you that I would show a few pictures and write a small story about Australia! So here it is! I haven’t pictures of myself, because I think that’s a bit private.

This picture was made in a zoo. We went with a boat to this zoo. The zoo was so big, so we couldn’t walk through the whole zoo.

There were so much kangaroos! They could literally touch you. They were jumping around in there area, it was so relaxing when I saw those animals.

The highest palm tree I’ve seen!

The Sydney Opera House! So inspiring, gosh I love this building. We walked on a trail around this building, we had a beautiful view. We saw the building from every side you could see it. After this part of sightseeing, we walked through the park next to this building. It was amazing! I really liked the nature in Sydney.

This park was so beautiful! I don’t know the name of this park, But it was a almost next to the Opera House.

This was the park, it was a really big park so this just a small part of it.

We also went to Bondi beach! It was so amazing and so pretty, I didn’t make a lot of pictures. I was enjoying it the whole time.

We went to Sealife, Wildlife, we did a walking route through a bit older part of Sydney. Actually, we did so much more, But that’s too much to tell you guys! 

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