Top 10 things to do with friends when you’re bored

Hi, today I’m writing a post with a friend! We’re not bored at all. We’re going to tell you about things that you can do, when you’re bored. Do you have sometimes that it gets a bit awkward with you and your friend, when you have nothing to do? Well, read this. These things are helping you with the awkward situation.

  1. Get some food or go out for a dinner/lunch/breakfast. This is one of the best things you could do. Why? Because you can enjoy your delicious food together and talk about interesting stuff.
  2. Have a photoshoot. Make pictures with your friend for cute photobooks, instagram or to decorate your wall.
  3. Play games. Maybe you can play a lot of games and count the points, so you can see who’s the winner of all games together.
  4. KARAOKE! This is my favourite thing to do, you can laugh so much and it sounds beautiful. (if you can sing very well)
  5. Baking is also fun. Trying new things out with your friends is so nice to do. It’s funny and delicious.
  6. Go shopping! Try new things that you would never buy, and maybe it looks good.
  7. Make a scrapbook, google scrapbook and you’re falling in love with it! so much inspiration, that you can make by yourself.
  8. Sporting!! so good for you and so much better with a friend.
  9. Make a game or quiz, to know your friend better. And talk about cute guys!! haha.
  10. Do you have a beach nearby your house? Go to it, rent some surfboards and let the fun begin!

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