How to spice up your outfit with ankel bracelets

Do you also have the feeling in the summer that your outfit is cute, but not finished yet? Well the golden tip is: ankel bracelets! 

I am a person who likes friendship bracelets in the summer, those bracelets make you look more beachy and sportive! But what I also like is a golden bracelet or something with golden details. I also like is a bracelet with shells.

I have a couple of examples for you, here I show my ankel bracelets, I wear them almost every day. I don’t have the cutest ones, because I took these from a really old box in my bedroom. 

They are really cute with a white trouser, but they are simple and could be combinating with almost everything. 
To show more examples, I used my bracelets around my arms. A few of them, I made by myself. You can do the same thing with ankelbracelets.

On the picture, I’m not wearing all of my ‘everyday’ bracelets, because I sported this morning. 

And here I have some examples of the internet. 

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