A few tips to drink more water

Hey guys! It’s summer and there’s one really important thing to make your summer flawless: drink enough water! I’m a person who doesn’t drink enough water, especially in the summer. But it’s really bad if you don’t drink enough. You could get headache, dizzy and tired. Your skin also could get really dry. So here are a few tips that will help you to drink enough this summer.

  1. It’s possible you’re really busy or you just always forget to drink some water. For these people there are many apps you can use that will tell you when to drink. I’ve got an app like this and it really helps.
  2. Always bring along some water. The chance is so much bigger you’ll drink something when you have it with you.
  3. Water ofcourse hasn’t the best taste. For this reason, you could add some fruit with it. Really nice ones are mint&lemon or cucumber&rose water. But you can find lots of other combinations.
  4. Buy a nice bottle. If you have a bottle with a cute tekst or something like that on it, you are going to enjoy drinking more.

Well, I hope it gets you somewhere!

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