Keeping yourself busy without eating a lot of snacks

Do we all have the problem that you’re home alone and eating everything tasty? Well, I have. When I’m working, learning and doing stuff what is totally boring, I eat almost every 10 minutes food… It’s so bad, but so good. Here I have tips for you when your home alone and hungry.

Some of these tips are a bit too much, but maybe you think you need it.
1. Here’s the worst and the craziest tip. Lock your foodheaven up and bring the key to a place with a lot of distance between you and your key to your delicious food. The rest of healthy food is in the place near you. I’m a very lazy person, so I would take the apple sooner than walking upstairs and grab the cookies.

2. Remove all you drinks with a lot of sugar and bad things in it. Drink water with a taste like strawberry. This helps a lot and it’s almost the the same taste. Plus, it’s less calories.

3. If you’re not so into the key and stuff, you can just work or doing stuff somewhere else. Maybe outside in your garden when the weather is good. The distance between you and your food is a bit long, the distance keeps you from eating food all the time. Do make a drink before you go. Like water, a smoothie or something like that. It keeps you hydrated and from not going back to your foodheaven.

4. Sporting/running/yoga anything what you love to do when you’re full of energy is good! After that, make a healthy sandwich and you have a great and energy spirit for the rest of your “boring stuff”.

5. Go out! Maybe to a library to study. Make a lunch for yourself and eat it in your break.

6. If you’re going out to a place to study, don’t take too much money with you. When you have that much money, you can buy any food what you want in the city. So make sure you have your own healthy lunch with you and don’t buy the donuts! 🙂

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