Top 10 things to do when you’re sun bathing

It’s summer and that means: getting a tan! But all the day laying in the sun could get boring. If you’re at the beach, it’s hard to play board games or something Like that. The wind will blow everything away and you lost your game. That’s why I made this post, enjoy!


  1. I think this is the most obvious one but idc. Read a book or a magazine, this is my personal favourite.
  2. paint your nails! You can get beautiful feet and a great tan on your back.

Polar-Bear-Sunbathing--26541     3.  Start to write a book on your Phone with an app. I know the app; wattpad. maybe is it worth a try?

    4.  Make friendship bracelets with threads. But make sure, that you have practised before with videos from YouTube.

   5.  Write in a (travel)journal. It’s Always fun to read after your holiday the whole trip again.

   6.  Swim! This is also quite obvious, but the sun is still working when you’re swimming.

   7.  Eat your home made lunch. Eating is soooo good and why not? your bikini body isn’t necessary after this holiday 🙂




    8.  Listen to your favourite music         and draw some doodles in your journal/diary/drawingbook

     9.  Spot cute boys!

    10.  Make before you go to the beach a list of things you can spot. Did you see an object of the list? Mark the assignment and continue with the game.


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