How to start your own book

Hi, do we all have the dream to write a book or story? Well, I had. I’m working on a book right now, I have twenty pages now and I still have a lot of ideas! These tips were my favourites with beginning to write a book.

1. Get inspiration! I watched a lot of movies in my story catogory. I got a lot of ideas out of it.

2. When you begin to write the story, make first a list of all your ideas. Make a planning, what happens first en after a part in your book?

3. Read books, you can make desicions about what you want to describe, are you writing from the thaughts of someone or not? Are you going to describe everything with a lot of details or not? 

4. Begin! When you start to write, the ideas can happen very fast in your mind. So write it all on your computer!

5. Read after you finished your chapter the beginning again, you don’t forget the looks and experiences of your headperson.

6. Have fun with writing! Don’t write because you have to, just do it when you want it.

7. Design your cover by yourself. I always like to design my cover with an app. I like to do that, so I have the feeling I’m making a real book. 

8. Maybe try to find your characters online. When you are writing about a blond person, you can try to find a similar person on the internet. The picture of the internet might help you with describing more details of the person in your book.

Hope you liked it xxx

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